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Which is your least favorite Ron Bashing Trope?

1. Exaggerating his love of eating food until it’s his notable trait

2. Completely obsessed with fame o the extent that that’s the only reason he befriended Harry

3. Hatred of Slytherins were he is calls them Irredeemable Scumbags and is an antagonist to Harry in Harry is in Slytherin/Harry makes a new Slytherin friend fics

4. Womanizer with a drinking problem who cheats on Hermione. As we as enslaving/raping Hermione to a pulp till her new love interest (Draco, Harry, Snape, Fred) saves her

5. Idiot who is terrible at magic and incompetent at basically everything

6. Bully who’s rude to every character, like he’s young and teenage Malfoy in Gryfindor

7. Works for a manipulative!Dumbledore and has been pretending to be Harry’s friend all along for money

8. Death Eater that is working for Voldemort cause he is a selfish coward that thinks of himself or has a new lust for power and killing

9. Completely shallow Plot device who will try to get in the way of relationships or epic moments happening Similar to Gilderoy Lockhart

10. Movie Ronald Weasley

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