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May 20 2018

all the best memes are either about loving your friends or drinking water in the middle of the night or cats

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You’s a hottie, bitch.


i can wait but like i can’t wait to be married

May 19 2018


The problem with the manic pixie dreamgirl trend in media is that it trains men to assume every girl they pass with a pretty dress, unusual hair, and sparkly eye-liner is some kind of deep and quirky and paradoxical nymph, which is complete erasure of girls like me, who are absolute gremlins.

There’s a certain point in conversations with guys when you can tell that’s what he’s thinking. He fell for the sparkly nails and the off-the-shoulder top and he’s expecting you to tell him how your dream is to bike across France with just the clothes on your back. How you like art museums because they feel like the beautiful preservation of long-dead artists’ souls. How you believe humans evolved sight in order to appreciate the infinitely unreachable cascade of stars above.

And at that point you’ve already lost. There’s no graceful way to clarify that you’re actually just a gremlin in a sundress, which you got for $14.99 on the clearance rack at Old Navy while trying to buy socks. That you actually don’t know anything about philosophy or whimsy or world-travel you get anxious taking the subway anywhere new. That you actually really have to go because you already have plans for the evening of lying in a blanket-burrito in bed watching a 49 minute Youtube video review of an anime you’ve never heard of.

The manic pixie dreamgirl trope is socially-anxious-dumbass erasure and i wont stand for it

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this is a true ally 

olivia is invited to pride


u never realize how disconnected u are from the popular music scene until u open the spotify top 50 and recognize literally two artists.




When y'all fake conversations in your heads do you sometimes say random sentences out loud too? I was just tying my shoes and said very sternly and loudly “I DO know how ants work, fucker”

this may be the most relatable thing I’ve ever read.

I do this when I’m falling asleep.

May 15 2018

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May 14 2018


The most relatable moment from spongebob for me is when he went over to Sandy’s house for the first time and was too polite and socially nervous to tell her he was slowly dying

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のりさんのツイート: “あった!!!全人類私の人生で最もロマンチックだった瞬間の写真見て… ”

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If boy didn’t leave with a pastry I swear to G




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May 13 2018

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for anyone who is confused lol

to further clarify:

anyway if u reblogged the first version of this pls resblog the added diagram bc it is a much more complete version of the first and also if the goddamn t*rfs get their hands on this post im gonna die

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Which is your least favorite Ron Bashing Trope?

1. Exaggerating his love of eating food until it’s his notable trait

2. Completely obsessed with fame o the extent that that’s the only reason he befriended Harry

3. Hatred of Slytherins were he is calls them Irredeemable Scumbags and is an antagonist to Harry in Harry is in Slytherin/Harry makes a new Slytherin friend fics

4. Womanizer with a drinking problem who cheats on Hermione. As we as enslaving/raping Hermione to a pulp till her new love interest (Draco, Harry, Snape, Fred) saves her

5. Idiot who is terrible at magic and incompetent at basically everything

6. Bully who’s rude to every character, like he’s young and teenage Malfoy in Gryfindor

7. Works for a manipulative!Dumbledore and has been pretending to be Harry’s friend all along for money

8. Death Eater that is working for Voldemort cause he is a selfish coward that thinks of himself or has a new lust for power and killing

9. Completely shallow Plot device who will try to get in the way of relationships or epic moments happening Similar to Gilderoy Lockhart

10. Movie Ronald Weasley

May 12 2018

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honestly i peaked as a zygote like.. i was completely androgynous.. unproblematic.. no acne… truly my golden years


Just saying “I don’t watch TV” sounds pretentious, but there’s a big difference between “I don’t watch TV because I feel that the entertainment of the common masses is beneath me”, and “I don’t watch TV because I’m too busy marathoning YouTube videos of a guy 100% clearing Super Mario 64 without pressing the A button”.

May 09 2018


me before working out: i dont wanna do this

me while working out: I D O N T W A N N A D O T H I S

me after working out: WOW, i am simply phenomenal. every drop of blood running through my veins is graced with the ichor of the gods, i am an olympic athlete

May 07 2018

this blog is pro turn signal




specifically, Before the actual turn

More specifically, for the actual direction you are planning on turning.

Further specifically, also for lane changes.

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